Successful digitalisation serves mankind.

And it is only possible if people work together cooperatively.

2B DIGITAL is a team of creators, mentors and experienced doers. Digitalisation is all around us. But instead of just going with the flow and adopting to the consequences, we actively contribute to the digital transformation in Germany and Europe.

That's why we need people like you to shape it. Creative heads, bold thinkers, empathetic listeners and talented doers.

In other words: People with excellent social competencies that are able to change and willing to grow. This might be exactly the chance you have been looking for.

Current Job Opportunities

Wanted: People with vision


Some of our benefits.

  • Attractive Salary
  • Professional Training
  • Flexible Work Environment
  • Personal Mentor
  • Driving Growth Together
  • Impact Beyond The Beaten Track

"Cohesion, integrity and helpfulness are lived at 2B DIGITAL. The excellent team culture helped me to get started quickly on exciting projects and to take on my own areas of responsibility straight away. I was offered a steep learning curve that I can individually control and focus in my personal development plan.

In addition, from the very beginning I was impressed by the dynamism and collegiality with which innovation and disruption are realised in a wide range of industries at 2B DIGITAL."

Tim Jansen
Analyst, 2B DIGITAL

Trust at eye level.

Freedom to grow.

You are looking for more than just another job – a purpose. When it comes to the unknown, you’re curious. When it comes to information, you stay analytical. When it comes to delivery, you can be pragmatic. But when it comes to people, you’re really at the top of your game.

You listen, you connect, you share – and you lead. In your career as well as in life. You’re passionate, emphatic and engaging. You focus on your peers instead of hierarchies. You believe that a well-rehearsed team is always bigger than any ego could ever be. And you’re able to observe, evaluate and create innovation and technology from a human perspective.

2B DIGITAL offers you more than just an attractive salary, professional training programmes and a healthy life balance. We offer you unique experiences, valuable creative freedom – and a career that is just as exciting as you always imagined it.

An exciting career beyond the beaten track is waiting for you.

Sounds interesting? Then we would like to meet you!


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